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  1. Y Cat Trading & Service Co. Ltd
  2. Y Chi Dat Unit
  3. Y Duc Medical Practitioners' Equipment Co. Ltd
  4. Y Khoa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
  5. Y Luc Trading Co. Ltd
  6. Y My Ceramic J.V Co.
  7. Y Tuong Design & Printing Co. Ltd
  8. Y Tuong Marketing & Trading Co. Ltd
  9. Y Viet Medical Equipment & Trading Co. Ltd
  10. Y Xuan Children's Fashion Unit
  11. Yaly Hydro-Power Construction Co.
  12. Yamaha Corp.
  13. Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co. Ltd
  14. Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co. Ltd
  15. Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co. Ltd
  16. Yamato Polymer Co. Ltd
  17. Yang Cheng Co. Ltd
  18. Yang Cheng Wooden Industry Int'l Co.
  19. Yangmyn Co. Ltd
  20. Yanmar Diesel Engine Co. Ltd
  21. Yao Teh Int'l Development Co.
  22. Yasaka-Saigon-Nhatrang Hotel
  23. Yasaka-Saigon-Nhatrang J.V Co.
  24. Yashima Trading Co. Ltd
  25. Yaskawa Electric (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  1. Yasuda (Vietnam) Co. Ltd
  2. Yazaki Eds Vietnam Co. Ltd
  3. Yeap Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
  4. Yeebo Restaurant
  5. Yeh Hong Textile International Co. Ltd
  6. Yeh Hua Plastic International Ltd
  7. Yelin Hongkong Co.
  8. Yen Bai Agricultural Material Co.
  9. Yen Bai Building Material Co.
  10. Yen Bai Coffee Co.
  11. Yen Bai Construction Co. 2
  12. Yen Bai Exporting Garment Co.
  13. Yen Bai Food Co.
  14. Yen Bai Food Processing & Trading Co.
  15. Yen Bai Forestry Products Processing Export Co.
  16. Yen Bai Garment Co.
  17. Yen Bai General Material Co.
  18. Yen Bai Import Export Co.
  19. Yen Bai Mechanical & Industrial Construction Co.
  20. Yen Bai Minerals Co.
  21. Yen Bai Pharmaceutical Co.
  22. Yen Bai Printing Enterprise
  23. Yen Bai Road & Water-Way Transportation Co.
  24. Yen Bai Tea Co.
  25. Yen Bai Trade Tourism Co.
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