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  1. B Braun Pharmarceutical Co.
  2. B&O; Co. ltd
  3. B&T; Trading Co. Ltd
  4. B+B Asia Ltd
  5. B-A Safety Guard Service Trading Co. Ltd
  6. B.Braun Pharmaceutical Co.
  7. B.C.Q Transport & Construction Consultant Co. Ltd
  8. B.E.S.T. Services Ltd
  9. B.H Original Ltd
  10. B.H.P Accountant & Co. Ltd
  11. B.M Viet Nam Co. Ltd
  12. B.M.D Trading Joint-Stock Co.
  13. B.M.S Medical Equipment Co. Ltd
  14. B12 Petroleum Co.
  15. Ba A Trading Co. Ltd
  16. Ba Ba Trading Co. Ltd
  17. Ba Be Pte Ent
  18. Ba Bien Colouring Powder Unit
  19. Ba Dat Construction & Trading Co.
  20. Ba Dinh Brewery Soft Drinks Co.
  21. Ba Dinh Dist. Fine Art Export Enterprise
  22. Ba Dinh Heavy War Invalid Cooperative
  23. Ba Dinh Housing Development Construction Co.
  24. Ba Dinh Minerals Water Enterprise.
  25. Ba Dinh Printing Co.
  1. Ba Dinh Stock Co. of Food & Tourist Service
  2. Ba Dinh Tourism Services & Trading Co.
  3. Ba Dinh Tourist Co. Ltd
  4. Ba Dinh-Thanh Hoa Printing Co.
  5. Ba Hat Guesthouse Pte Ent
  6. Ba Lan Joint-Stock Co.
  7. Ba Le Construction, Trading & Service Co. Ltd
  8. Ba Mua Co. Ltd
  9. Ba Ngoi Port
  10. Ba Nhat Bamboo, Rattan Cooperative
  11. Ba Nhat Mechanical Co.
  12. Ba Queo Power Factory
  13. Ba Ria Agricultural Technical Service Co.
  14. Ba Ria Building Material Co. Ltd
  15. Ba Ria Insurance Co.
  16. Ba Ria Power Factory
  17. Ba Ria Rubber Co.
  18. Ba Ria Vung Tau Construction Co.
  19. Ba Ria Vung Tau General Cultural Co.
  20. Ba Ria Vung Tau Gold, Silver & Gemstone Co.
  21. Ba Ria Vung Tau Housing Development Co.
  22. Ba Ria Vung Tau Import Export Petro Services Co.
  23. Ba Ria Vung Tau Import Export Petro Services Co.
  24. Ba Ria Vung Tau Int'l Tourist Service Co.
  25. Ba Ria Vung Tau Investment Construction & Trading Co.
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