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Current Location: Vietnam, 9 March 2008 
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- About eGuide

Overview of the Group
eGuide is a provider of Internet-based directory services. Our Directories connect users searching for specific products and services with the businesses that provide these products and services

Our Business Model
Our eGuide Directories are internet-based directories that provide users with information on products, services and contact details of business entities in various industries. We have a listing of about 90,000 businesses in Singapore, and more than 170,000 businesses in Malaysia, 110,000 businesses in Thailand, 22,000 businesses in Vietnam and 65,000 businesses in Indonesia.

We assist small to medium-sized businesses to build web presence. To allow for that, our services range from standard-designed sites to custom-designed sites offering e-commerce capabilities to hosting these customers on our site.

Our Strategy
We aim to be the leading provider of Internet-based directory services, in each of the country in which we operate. To achieve this objective, the principal components of our strategy are to :
  • continue to develop convenient and cost-effective solutions for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) to build a web presence on our eGuide Directories;
  • increase the number of businesses who engage our services;
  • rapidly expand into other countries and establish our inter-linked directories;
  • continue to increase awareness of our eGuide brand name
  • extend our relationships with content and service providers and
  • continue to improve our technology.

Our Beginnings & Regional Expansion
  • eGuide Singapore Pte Ltd - Incorporated on 20th November 1998.
  • eGuide Malaysia Sdn Bhd - 19th January 2000 saw the establishment of our first wholly-owned subsidiary in Malaysia,. In July 2000, the eGuide Malaysia Directory was launched and the office expanded its operation from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and Johor Bahru as well.
  • Co Ltd, Thailand - Incorporated on 29th May 2000. Our eGuide Thailand Directory was launched in September 2000.
  • eGuide Vietnam - Launched on the 30th of October 2002.
  • eGuide Indonesia - Launched on the 30th of October 2002.

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